Woodland Fox Clutch Purse

$19.95 USD

Upgrade your Bag
It's all in the accessories! Just ask the pint-size diva and she will tell you...A unique accessory, this little girl's purse will make them smile every time they see it. This little bag will accompany them everywhere, holding all their treasures--that seashell from the beach, an acorn from the park, that favorite rock they discovered. A unique girl's birthday gift, these woodland gifts will turn some heads as she walks on by!

Choose the basic bag or choose the deluxe, a perfect gift for granddaughter. The deluxe set includes a coil bracelet, hedgehog keychain, zipper tassel, and bow. (Please note, tassel and bracelet color may vary slightly.) Her eyes will light up when she opens this set just for her!

Woodland Fox Little Girls Purse:

• Approx 6"w x 8"h in size
• Zippered design keeps contents safe and secure
• Includes split ring, ready to attach to your belt or backpack.
• Whimsical details, embroidered on durable vinyl 
Can be used for so many things!

• Gum, Kleenex, chapstick and/or money
• Face Masks -- clip it to your backpack!
• Elastics and hairpins for a sports bag
• Earbuds and charger
• Medication or bandaids
• Feminine products


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