A Little About Us...

Gifts, Hugs and Lots of Love!

At Tiny Owls Gift Co., happiness happens one stitch at a time. We strive to deliver everyday products with a punch of vibrant color and personality. Known for our personalized hooded towels for kids — where the ordinary towel gets a huge fun-time upgrade — we have branched out with our collection to include lifestyle accessories that deserve a custom touch. Quirky lip balm holders. Cheer-infused keychains and bag tags. And wonderfully fun birthday party favors. The goal is to help you find something you can’t wait to make your own — for you or for some lucky gift getter.

How did we start? Well, put quite simply...small children that presented common bath time woes. My little girl hated getting her hair dried. Bath time was the source of fights and fear, not happiness. We’ve all had the little one that fights off the need for a bath and sometimes bribes, pleading, and (adult) tears don’t quite do the trick in convincing our kids they do in fact need to soap up and wash. My towels do the trick...Let me explain: Regular towels are boring and signal a chore. Inspired by my girls, my own little owls, I set about to launch product lines designed to make bath time fun again from start to finish. My signature hooded towels are expertly handcrafted from high quality, fluffy towels and embellished with bright, bold fabrics in kid friendly prints. Kids see them as the signaling of playtime in the water. I can transform even the most fickle child into a superhero dashing around with a fluttering cape or a princess in regal robes. Each of my towel products are created by components that are hand selected to be absorbent, soft, and, most importantly, fun.

When I design a towel product, I am designing with functionality in mind. I want parents to enjoy my products because they solve common problems, while also appealing to the sensibilities of children. I guarantee you that my towels will be made with love and knowledge that only a mother can have. I also guarantee your little one will giggle, splash, and play make believe in a whole new way.

If you can’t wait to see what I come up with next, I’d like to encourage you to follow me on my social media. I am constantly sharing sneak peeks of new products and putting up promotions.