Mermaid Coloring Doll

$24.95 CAD


Step into a fantasy land with our Mermaid Coloring Doll. This Arts & Crafts Kit is designed to spark creativity and foster imaginative play. The doll allows your child to customize and personalize their aquatic friend with vibrant colors, bringing their artistic vision to life.

Our Mermaid Coloring Doll is not just another toy, it’s a pathway to a world of creativity and fun. It’s a perfect choice for children who love arts and crafts activities. Coloring has never been this enjoyable! Order your Mermaid Coloring Doll Arts & Crafts Kit today and watch as your child's creativity blossoms

Unleash Creativity with Mermaid Coloring Doll

  • White cotton with black stitching
  • Approx. 5" x 9" size
  • Washable markers included
  • Reusable--Machine wash, air dry & color it all over again!
  • Self-esteem boosting activity

A fun package for a child to receive, an even more engaging item for them to create!

Customer Reviews

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Victoria Post
Such a fun cute gift idea!

I picked up several of these Doodle Doll kits as gifts for nieces and nephews and they all loved them! From toddlers to my own 9 yr old, they were a hit! Cute designs, great price point and endless fun and creativity!